Unity 4.3 includes 2D engine and tools

Unity, the famous game engine will be available in Version 4.3 this fall. New features start to be revealed and one of the biggest additions is the integration of a real 2D engine.

Indeed, currently, it is already possible to make a 2D game, but it looks more like a craft. A 3D engine is capable of displaying the elements and simulate the absence of the third dimension, but the overall game is always composed of 3D elements. With the addition of the 2D engine, the Unity team offers a set of tools (most of which are in the free version) to facilitate the creation of a 2D game. They help to create 2D resources, either sprites or scenes. Furthermore, the engine uses 2D Box2D for physical simulation, and it is possible to generate polygons automatic collision from sprites (and these are fully editable).

Here’s an overview of the tools:

In addition, the 4.3 version will support OpenGL ES 3.0, the latest specification of the 3D library for embedded systems. So games can achieve a set of enhanced features.


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