Exporting GameObject to Obj file in Unity

If you need to use your models / levels created using Unity in a 3D modeling software, this is the most accessible solution:


1. Open the folder of your project, at its root, you will see the “Assets” folder. Open this folder.

2. Now drop in the next code “ObjExporterMenu.cs” :

 Download the code here

3. Reopen Unity and verify that a new menu “Custom” appeared above.


1. First, open Unity and open the scene in which the object to be exported.

2. Create an empty GameObject (positions 0,0,0). It’s used to store the object to export.

3. Drag and drop all your items inside.

4. Select your GameObject.

5. Choose “Custom> Export> Export whole SELECTION” in the top menu.

6. Close the message box, return to the root of your project, and then open the “ExportedObj” folder.


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