Microsoft prepares the 1.8 SDK release for Kinect

As we approach the release of the second generation of the motion sensor and voice recognition Kinect, Microsoft will make available to developers a new version of the software development kit (SDK) for Kinect (Windows).

The Kinect for Windows SDK 1.8 is the fourth update of the toolkit since the launch of the first version.

Among the new features, the support for HTML5 occupies a place of honor. This version includes new project templates for developers using HTML5 and JavaScript. One of the models facilitates the implementation of other interactions HTML5 and can quickly build an interface that adapts according to the distance between the user and the screen.

In addition to these models, the 1.8 SDK Kinect for Windows has a new API “New background removal,” which allows you to remove and replace the background with an artificial background. This innovation opens the door to new immersive simulations, which place the user in different virtual environments.

Kinect Fusion system for capturing depth data and create 3D models of high quality, will offer captures realistic colors. The new “Kinect Fusion for more realistic color capture” API will essentially in 3D color printing for creating 3D elements for gaming, computer-aided design and more.

Kinect Fusion also has a new project template that shows how to use two sensors simultaneously to scan a person or object. This innovation allows you to create a 3D model without having to move the sensor or object. The skeleton tracking Kinect Fusion  also is gaining accuracy.

Kinect SDK for Windows 1.8 will be available for Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Update :   Download the 1.8 SDK Kinect for Windows



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