Global Game Jam 2013

The  Global Game Jam  is an event that takes place every year in several countries in the world. The event is organized by the IGDA (International Game Developers Association) . It is considered to be the largest game jam in the world.The 2013 edition is characterized by the participation of Tunisia for the first time.

The tunisian version will be organized by the  TGD (Tunisian Game Developers) in partnership with the video game club  EGD (Spirit Game Developers). The  GGJ Tunisia  will be hosted by the university  Esrprit  at El Ghazela  for three days in a row starting from  Jan. 25, 2013 .


The event is to bring many developers to develop a video game as part of a theme announced on Friday at 17:00 and during 48 hours. This will take place simultaneously in more than 270 cities around the world in 60 countries.

The first day of Jam will be marked by the presence of several speakers from the games industry, that wil talk about several development tools such as Unity3D, UDK, CryEgine, Shiva and XNA.
A Live streaming will be provided at the event, in all participating countries, to communicate the mood and show, perhaps some work in progress.

At the end of the event, all the games made will be presented and posted on the website dedicated to the Global Game Jam. Microsoft  and  ESPRIT  are partners of the event.

Join the Global Game Jam – Tunisia


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