Trigger visual effects via Kismet in UDK

You will probably need special effects for your weapons, vehicles … We’ll see how to add ParticleSystems and trigger effects in Kismet.

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Feedback and signs in video games

In a video game, the player must  understand everything  and  know everything. Because if he misses an essential information, he will feel frustrated! Imagine you are playing an adventure game. You are in combat, and  nothing  indicates that your hero is about to die. Suddenly, your hero collapses without warning, and it’s game over. This would be very frustrating  !  Continue reading

Global Game Jam 2013

The  Global Game Jam  is an event that takes place every year in several countries in the world. The event is organized by the IGDA (International Game Developers Association) . It is considered to be the largest game jam in the world.The 2013 edition is characterized by the participation of Tunisia for the first time. Continue reading